An example of youth entrepreneurship: Mr. Nabin Thapa

Case study

Mr. Nabin Kumar Thapa, is one of the lead farmer at Dahakhani VDC Ward No. 8, Simaldhap. He came there from east Chitwn along with his behalf, a child and 2 goats for sustaining his life in a small piece of land. "I had no enough capital to start any business" he remembers. He accredits his success to the NARDF funded project implemented by FriPAD and says "Meeting with FriPAD's staff during household survey became a turning point of my life".

According to his interest he was included in a 5 days "Commercial Goat Production and Management Training" under the project entitled "Ariculture Based Income Generation Activies for Developing Entrepreneurship Among Marginalized People of Hilly Areas of Chitwan District" Funding by NARDF. After the training, he increased the number of goat from 2 to 5 and initiated a small verterinary clinic inside his home corner.

Meanwhile, FriPAD provided a breeding buck and revolving fund to the group formed by him. Immediately he took Nrs 8000.00 as loan from the group and added 5 kid goats in the herd. Then total number of goat in is farm increased to 12. Besides, he also added some frequently required medicines for the veterinary shop. At present Mr. Thapa became one of he active and renowed young enterepreneurs in Dahakhani VDC of Chitwan district. He has been providing service to the local goat farmer in terms of castration, drenching, retention of placenta, breeding buck and other preventive and curative service in his locality. He has also serving the villagers by helping them to market their products. Now, Mr. Thapa is living happily with his beloved wife and child with average monthly earnings Nrs 8000.00 on monthly basis and hoping to see a shining day in the future to come.