Living a Diginified Life at Tandrang

Case study

Mr. Asa Bahadur Gurung living at a remote village - Tandrang of Kabilash VDC, Chitwan had a dream to make his village as a model for producing fresh vegetable. Though he had no technical ideas and capital for producting vegetable in commercial scale, he started to cultivate tomato in about one ropani land using traditional knowledge. He faced a severe loss from the crop at that time. He became harassed from his production and decided to head towards gulf country for foreign employment. Meanwhile he was selected for a training entitled "Off season vegetable production" to be conductred by FriPAD.

When he heard the information of being selected in the training by Mr. Pradhumna Khadka, Secretary, Kabilas VDC, he did not take it as a great achievement. Because, Mr. Asa Bahadur was busy in the process of getting a passport for applying in a manpower company. Afterwards, he rejected his plan of flying abroad leaving his family in such a remote village. Thus, he attended the training and learnt technical ideas and he was extemery inspired to cultivate off-season vegetables in his land with proper care and management practices.

Immediately, he cultivated tomato in 3 kattha land for a trial and able to earn more than Nrs 40,000.00 in the same season. This evidence encouraged him to continue tomato cultivation with more interest and labor. Then planted tomato, ladies finger and hot piper in 17 kattha land. There was no any proper source of irrigation; however I have managed it from a seasonal spring nearby my home. He got more than Nrs 85 thousands from those commodities at the end of last year. He sent those products to Pokhara, Mugling, Narayangarh and Kathmandu through the contractor and to the local market himself. Currently he has bought 2 milking buffalo and a breeding buck. Not only vegetables, but also there are 33 goats including 12 maketable castrated buck in his farm. This all was due to the income from off season tomato cultivation. He is very happy to share his story of success to the visitor of his farm. Now he is one of the emerging commercial farmer in Chitwan.