Emergency Peace Support Project/Employment and Self Employment Services (ESES)/ Micro-Small Business Assistance Services for Conflict Affected Persons (CAPs)

Project District : 
World Bank/GON/ESES
Type of project: 

Emergency Peace Support Project/Employment and Self Employment Services (ESES) is designed to contribute to rehabilitating conflict affected individuals by assisting them get into the labor force. They follow the immediate cash transfer component of the EPSP program by providing more long- term employment and training opportunities to victims made vulnerable by the conflict. In addition this program will contribute to increase overall productivity. There is evidence that ESES can have a significant positive impact if appropriately targeted and well run (e.g., services are demand driven and delivered by service providers which have performance based contracts). A variety of services are needed to address three conditions commonly experienced by conflict affected individuals who are trying to enter the labor market;
Frictional Unemployment: some conflict affected individuals may have marketable skills for which there is demand, but they need intensive job placement assistance. These services could have a substantial positive impact on re-employment and have a low unit cost. These services could include assistance for remote job search.
Structural Unemployment: some conflict affected individuals lack skills, or their skills are not in demand, and need some re-skilling to compete and re-enter the labor market. Different types of retraining, including on-job-training and/or institutional training was needed in these circumstances and could help redeployment at a moderate unit cost per participant.
Lack of demand for Labor: this is a particular problem in areas of high unemployment. Programs include small business consulting assistance, incubators, and micro-loans.

Key achievements: 
  • 40 conflict affected persons trained on SIYB and technical skill development trainings;

  • Linking trainees with micro-credit institutions;

  • Sensitizing conflict affected persons towards settlement in society;

  • Socially empowered the conflict affected person through active involvement in economic activities;

Service Provided: 
  • District level consultation workshop with local peace committee, district administrative office, district development committee, women and child development office and other concerned stakeholders in district;

  • Outreach activities about the program such as advertisement, publication and broadcasting;

  • Collection of application from applicant, their selection and approval from chief district officer.

  • Training on start and improve your business (SIYB) (entrepreneurship development training cycle one, two¬† and three);

  • Refresher training on skill development;

  • Formation, sensitization and registration of micro entrepreneur groups;

  • Linkage with micro-credit institutions;

  • Book keeping and financial planning training;

  • Counseling and market linkage;

  • Appropriate technology and common facility center establishment.