Integrated solid waste management


Managing solid waste is one of the major challenges in urbanization. A survey conducted in all 58 municipalities of Nepal in 2012 found that the average municipal solid waste generation was 317 grams per capita per day. This translates into 1,435 tons per day or 524,000 tons per year of municipal solid waste generation in Nepal. Many of these technically and financially constrained municipalities are still practicing roadside waste pickup from open piles and open dumping, creating major health risks. In this regards, FriPAD has been involved in various towns to support for sustainable solid waste management which includes;

  • Promotion of reduce, reuse, and recycle (3R) approaches at the community and household level,

  • Conduct public awareness campaign and support to local bodies and communities; 

  • Enhancement of public participation and consultation would be effective in advancing SWM practices;