Small business promotion

Eighty-three percent of Nepal's population lives in rural areas. The lack of income-earning opportunities in these areas is a central cause of the widespread poverty and worsening food security in the country. It also forces ever more Nepalis to leave home to seek work in Nepal's towns and cities, in India and further afield. Large enterprises are beyond the capacity of small farmers. Small business development leads to sustainable development and improve livelihood of the poor, women and disadvantaged people. Realizing this FriPAD focuses poor people, women, vulnerable communities based small business activities through;

  • Providing skill and business training and some support, mainly for women, poor, conflict affected and disadvantaged people to set up small business to sustain their lives;
  • Helping establish business support services and working with the government and other donor agencies to improve living conditions of poor and vulnerable.

The organization is providing training for skill development like plumbing, house wiring, off-season vegetable production, fruit and vegetable processing, cow/buffalo/goat rearing, poultry production and small scale processing industries etc. It also provides technical support for small scale business to manage micro-credit facilities and linking with financial institutions.